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New Top Dog iPhone X

Posted by Rich on 11/4/2017 to News

Yesterday brought us the newest offering from Apple, the iPhone X.  Apple fans around the world queued up to get the newest.  Sales started in Sydney and spread west with the sun.  Ironically on of the last towns to have the iPhone X available was Palo Alto.  As a compensation the visitors there had a treat of having Tim Cook the Apple CEO welcome them to the store.  


The big takeaways of why fans need the new iPhone X center on the face recognition and the removal of the home button.  Another feature, the glass back which allows wireless charging also doubled the glass area to break when the deice is dropped.  Cnet did a drop test and found when dropped from 3 feet, waist height the both the front and back cracked.  These are costly repairs, get a good protective case. 


If you want to learn how Apple put so much more technology in the iPhone X that the prior iPhone 8 you can see all the insides in the IFixit teardown of the new phone.  They show in detail how to open the device and what is in there.  Insights in to reparability are also presented. It garnered a 6 out of 10, a very respectable number for a complex smartphone.    The full iFixit teardown is here.


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