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Fire Extinguisher Recall

Posted by Rich on 11/8/2017 to News
Fire Extinguisher Recall

Check your fire extinguisher. Will it will work when you need it? 

Kidde Recalls Fire Extinguishers with Plastic Handles Due to Failure to Discharge and Nozzle Detachment: One Death Reported


New Top Dog iPhone X

Posted by Rich on 11/4/2017 to News
Yesterday brought us the newest offering from Apple, the iPhone X.  Apple fans around the world queued up to get the newest.  Sales started in Sydney and spread west with the sun. 

iPhone 8 AR

Posted by Rich on 2/23/2017 to News
iPhone 8 AR

With the introduction of the iPhone 8 coming soon more predictions are hitting the street. One is that there's a strong chance Apple will incorporate augmented reality features into the iPhone 8.   Full production of the newest iPhone typically begins in May and hits full stride in August.

T-Mobile fights back

Posted by Rich on 2/17/2017 to News

In quick response to Verizon again offering an unlimited data plan T-Mobile has countered with tweeking their unlimited plan, with the addition of HD video and 10GB high-speed Mobile Hotspot data to T-Mobile ONE – all at no extra charge – and all with monthly taxes and fees included. Right on top of that, they introduced a new offer of two lines on T-Mobile ONE for just $100.

Verizon Announces Unlimited Data

Posted by Rich on 2/13/2017 to News
Unlimited data on the Verizon network has arrived. Beginning Today, Verizon is offering an introductory plan that gives you unlimited data on your smartphone and tablet on the Verizon 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) according to the Verizon Press

Samsung S8

Posted by Rich on 1/31/2017 to News
Live photo leak of the Galaxy S8 show features more clearly.

The New Samsung S8 is coming with what features and when?

Posted by Rich on 1/24/2017
Samsung has postponed the introduction of the new Flagship S8 handset.  We will most likely see it in March or April.  There will be new technology including a new AI that promises to make the big splash Samsung needs to overcome the failed Note 7.  

Do you work for your smartphone? Or does it work for you?

Posted by Rich on 1/16/2017 to Hints

Our cellular phones allow us to respond quickly, efficiently, and access data sooner, however they can also create problems outside of work when used excessively.  If we’re available 24/7, our work environment dramatically changes our personal time - unless we apply appropriate checks and balances to phone usage

weBoost eqo

Posted by Rich on 11/16/2016 to News
weBoost eqo provides quick installation for your home, office, RV or boat. 

Drive 4G s Price Reduced

Posted by on 11/14/2016
weBoost 4G s Price reduced to 179.99.

Welcome to our online store

Posted by on 10/10/2016 to News
Welcome to our online store! Our team is proud to announce that we're now open for business, and we look forward to serving you all in the future. If you have any questions about this store or the products found within, please don't hesitate to contact us any time. Our website has been carefully designed to provide you with an amazingly flexible online shopping experience, and its ease of navigation is something we think you'll grow to depend on and appreciate. Feel free to browse our entire product catalog, and let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns about the items housed within. Our team is always ready and willing to assist our customers, and we are happy for your visit.